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    We’ve been working with small businesses in different capacities for the past 12 years. We can help you grow.  At Nitrous Technologies, we believe you should ONLY pay for real RESULTS (phone calls and actual business). Not some pipe dream.

  • Only Pay For Real Leads

    With Nitrous Technologies, you only pay for real-time, exclusive phone call leads from YOUR local area, that are interested in YOUR services.

  • Systems To Help You Grow

    When you become a Nitrous Technologies partner, you get access to our proprietary call tracking app.  Listen to calls, tag calls, and track revenue.

A Commitment

To Excellence

Simple and Powerful Programs Getting Your Phone Ringing and Make You Money Quickly!

We Are Committed To Delivering The Best Opportunities For You To Get More Business!

Simple and Effective

Getting the right customers is a challenge every business struggles to overcome.  That is where our Lead Programs come in to save the day!  We send you live inbound service orientated customers calling through our call tracking and lead capture technology sent directly to you.

Our programs are performance based, simple, and help you turn immediate profit.  Basically, you are buying business from us at a discount!

All you do is continue to run your business like normal.

Industries Of Focus

We can generate leads for almost any type of business.

Our primary focuses within home services are HVAC and Roofing.  We also work with legal, insurance, mortgage, and health organizations with various campaigns.

If you are outside our main focus industries and you want to work with a proven company, contact us today.  Let’s have a discussion about how we can help your business.

Case Study


A Typical Week of Calls For Local Roofing Contractor, and Calls Over a 4 Year Period of Time

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