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Increase your social presence and use social media to drive business to you! We have several pages we run that have 6,000 to over 9,000 fans and know how to build business on social media.

We produce and syndicate videos to over 32 networks to help them rank for keywords to help drive business. There are many types of videos we produce like promotional time based videos, online review commercials, interview commercials (we interview experts in their area of expertise to help build authority and drive conversions), white board animation videos, and many more. Video is one of the hottest ways to grow your business, build your brand, and engage your prospective audience.

We run high quality referral programs that drive live exclusive phone calls for that client in their market. We generate those leads through several online marketing channels. We drive leads through our sales funnels for all kinds of clients from doctors, to contractors, and Insurance professionals. In the case of our Insurance referral program we are launching, we provide them double qualified referrals with prospects that have raised their hand looking for insurance now through various marketing channels, and our staff calls the leads to double qualify them and make sure they are READY TO BUY RIGHT NOW and want to talk to an agent. Call us today to learn more about our referral programs.

If you didn’t know Google recently updated their ranking algorithm on April 21st, 2015 to favor mobile responsive websites. You could be losing customers (clients) right now with your website either not showing up or losing rankings when people are searching on mobile devices! Give us a call today for a FREE website check to make sure you aren’t losing rankings and money right now!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is key to helping offset paid traffic strategies to help you generate clients and leads. SEO applies to almost everything in the online world. Having your website, videos, reviews, articles, maps, and your citation listings show up for keywords in your markets can dramatically impact and grow your business!

Studies show that 79% of people will check a business out online before they even contact them. Knowing what your customers are saying about you online is crucial and ties into everything for your online presence. We help our clients with Reputation Marketing which is more than just helping you manage what people are saying about your business online. We help you actively engage your customers (clients) to get more 5 star reviews, and mitigate bad reviews and catch them before they go online using our review portals. We then help you to market that 5 star reputation by syndicating the reviews out on social media, pictures, and also through video to help you shine and more importantly to let your customers (clients) see how your business can benefit them!

Drive fast revenue and turn almost immediate profit from your online marketing with Pay Per Click Marketing. With Pay Per Click (PPC) you can immediately put your message in front of your targeting audience within minutes of launching a campaign. You can use pay per click to drive direct sales, video views, send people to coupon pages, and also through Retargeting bring any visitors back to your website by staying in front of them when they on social media or other websites. Pay Per Click marketing can drive huge results quickly when implemented by a skilled expert.

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  • Video is one of the most engaging ways you can grow your business with online media

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